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Tornado Tips: Marketing for Sales Velocity

10 Tweaks to Transform Your Website

Is your website hurting you or helping you?

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Maybe most of your leads come in through referral. Did the prospect look at your website? Almost definitely YES. Are you using your website to its fullest potential? Almost definitely NOT. You’re not alone, and in fact, that’s somewhat to be expected. Websites and online marketing offer so much opportunity, that this feeling of “not doing enough with our websites” has become part of our existential angst.

Topics: Website Development

Building Your Marketing Machine

Many businesses struggle to create consistency in their marketing because they don’t have a marketing machine that will produce leads or identify warm prospects at will. Consulting companies in particular are vulnerable to variability in project work – especially in the beginning – but even larger companies can never put their guard down. You can’t put expensive consultants and programmers on the shelf and wait for the economy to pick up next year. Cash flow typically evens out once you have systems in place. Systems help predict cash flow, resource gaps, and find areas of opportunity.

Topics: Marketing Strategy

Tornado Marketing Selected As A Financial Advisor of the Year! ...huh?!

It sure doesn't seem likely, considering Tornado Marketing doesn't provide financial advice and relies on a bookkeeper to keep the accounts all straightened out....but let's set aside the issue of unsolicited (ahem, SPAM) email.

Topics: Marketing Software and Tools

Facebook Live Video

On April 8th, 2016, Buzzfeed broke the record for the amount of people watching a video live at the same time, when more than 800,000 people simultaneously tuned in to watch a Buzzfeed Facebook Live video entitled, “Watch us explode this watermelon one rubber band at a time!”.  (This video now has more than 10 Million views!) 

Many of the thousands of comments on the video were something along the lines of

“Why have I been watching this video for the past half an hour, what am I doing with my life?”

Although we can’t answer the bigger question of life priorities, we can understand, at least partly, why so many people would choose to spend time watching such a random, non-essential video.



Topics: Social Media Marketing

7 Keys to Creating a Good Lead Magnet


You’ve created a great website, made business cards, and now business is booming, right?

Well…maybe not.

If you seem to be getting traffic to your website, but you're not gaining new customers, you are probably missing a key component of your online marketing funnel.

You need something to turn your visitors into customers. Creating a lead magnet can do just that.


Topics: Lead Generation Inbound Marketing Strategy B2B Marketing Automation