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Marketing Personas: How Fake People Deliver Real Results

Do you know Sam the Sales Guy, Ann from Accounting, and Mike in Manufacturing? To improve your sales and marketing efforts, you need to get to know these people intimately – after you create them.

Sam, Ann and Mike aren’t real people. They are the names of personas who represent real people. Personas are fictional characters who are a composite of real-world people and who illustrate the values, goals and behaviors of your typical ideal clients.

These "Fake People"Can Make or...

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Evolution vs. Revolution: Which is the Right Marketing Move?

If you’re not getting the amount of business you want, you may be feeling that it’s time to shake things up with new and improved marketing. But what’s the best way to proceed? Do you need evolution or a revolution?

Revolutions are exciting!

Do you ever watch those TV shows where they transform a woman’s life just by giving her new clothes, a make-up lesson and a decent haircut? Or take a house from oh-my-goodness-how-could-anyone-live-like-that to organized,...

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The New ABCs of Marketing

Do you remember when sales was all about the hustle? 

The Sales ABCs - Always Be Closing! 


Some people still have that mentality. In fact, I've personally been to sales trainings like that. But pushy sales tactics don't fit my personality - and don't work well today. It's too easy to unsubscribe and unfollow. The pushy sales person might never even know you left. 

Today's Marketing ABCs might be better summed up as...

Always Be Contributing. 

I know that...
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