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About Tornado Marketing

About Tornado Marketing 

Tornado Marketing creates powerful, persuasive marketing to fill your sales funnel.  Combining proven  marketing strategies with the latest tools and technologies available, Tornado Marketing will create an online marketing funnel that fits the unique needs of your business - bringing in more leads and more income.

But Tornado Marketing didn't start as a company - it started as an idea. The name was inspired by a Steve Ballmer speech about the drive to achieve velocity in business. 


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Tornado Marketing is about getting out of overwhelm and into action. It's a decision to stop those activities that aren't producing results, and start fresh. 

Tornado Marketing is the belief that: 

  • Progress is better than perfection.

  • Focus is the root of power. 

  • That to be effective at marketing, you need to dive in wholeheartedly, try new things and find strategies that allow you to differentiate.

  • Marketing is a system, a habit that can be learned and reinforced.

  • Marketing is the responsibility of everyone in the company - not just the marketing department.

  • AND – the BEST marketing infuses FUN along the way!


My name is Adrianne Machina. I regularly teach Wisconsin small business owners social media marketing, inbound marketing, video marketing and website marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Continuing Studies and Small Business Development Center. I'm also very involved in the Microsoft Dynamics Partner channel, a regular contributor to The Partner Channel magazine, and a speaker at many different events. 

Whether you have been a participant in one of my training classes or a private client, I will help you leverage today's most cost effective strategies. Tornado Marketing is a systematic way to focus your marketing dollars by helping you differentiate from your competitors, and consistently draw in your best prospects.


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