Tornado Marketing Quiz

Just as tornados need certain environmental conditions, Tornado Marketing needs time, money and dedication to make it work. More than anything, it starts with a desire to make your business more successful. See if any of these conditions apply to you:

  1. Have you been trying to expand your business to a new geography or new industry?
  2. Have you been trying to shift from a horizontal focus to a vertical focus?
  3. Are your sales declining while your sales costs keep increasing?
  4. Are you stuck in "perfection paralysis"?
  5. Are you just too overloaded with real work to pay attention to marketing even though you know you should?
  6. Would you like to get started marketing, but just don't know how?
  7. Do you want your communications to have a consistent look and feel?
  8. Do you have a great solution, but feel lost in the crowd?
  9. Are you spending money on marketing, but getting little or nothing in return?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, I can help.  My name is Adrianne Machina and I've been running Tornado Marketing since 2005, helping professional service companies (primarily software companies, doctors, lawyers, coaches & consultants) stand out in a crowded marketplace. The initial meeting is free of charge. I take a common sense approach that helps buyers find, believe and buy. Contact Tornado Marketing today! 

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