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Small Business Marketing Success

Marketing is a top concern for small businesses.  And no wonder – many businesses fail because they don’t have an effective marketing SYSTEM.  What are you doing to generate QUALIFIED LEADS?   How do you get people to know, like and trust you? This Small Business Marketing Success session is suited for small business owners who needs to build a marketing strategy that is affordable and effective for attracting new customers and growing profitability.


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Stand Out on Social Media

What’s all the buzz about?  Are you on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn?  Do you blog?  Do you want to understand what social media marketing really is – and if it’s right for you?  

We can either go in depth on one or more social media channels - or provide a high level strategy designed to bring you results in the form of more traffic, more leads and more sales! Typically, this presentation is aimed at a beginning to intermediate audience, but we can gear it to the level of the participants in the room.  By the end, everyone will look like  a pro! 


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Put Your Website To Work

Balance form and function so you have a website you feel proud of – and that continually brings you business. Learn the terminology you need to know, and how to get your website up and running quickly - with or without a website designer. You'll also learn about SEO, social media integration and we'll discuss tools to make your job easier! 


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Inbound Marketing 101

Want leads rolling in 24/7? That's what inbound marketing can do for you! Learn how to pull customers in, and keep them coming back for more! We'll help you marry up the buyer's journey to your sales process so you can truly create a "frictionless funnel" for attracting new business.  

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Blogging for Business

What is the purpose of a business blog? Is it subtle way to brag about your products and services? Is it even necessary? We'll teach you the importance of business blogging, what it is and what it isn't, and how to make sure you blog gets seen. 

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Fire Up Your Content Creation Engine

Get your partners, prospects, and customers engaged and evangelizing your business by creating and sharing compelling content. 


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Master the Art of Email Marketing

Want 4300% ROI on your marketing spend? Email delivers! Learn how to pull people in to read your emails with compelling copy and subject lines, and how email remains as one of the most important digital marketing tools. 


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Leverage the Internet

Discover the best ways to use web sites, blogs, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, local search and other Internet technologies to automate the lead generation, lead generation and customer service functions.


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How Do These Work?

These workshops are typically one half and full day working sessions designed to facilitate the completion of strategic marketing analysis and marketing tactics. Participants will utilize workbooks and other tools to take meaningful steps towards marketing implementation.

Not-for-Profit Organizations may be eligible to have the Speaking Fee waived.  Contact Tornado Marketing to get a quote on how to book this great marketing speaker for your next conference or meeting.