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Our Ideal Client

How to Spot Our Ideal Customer

Our ideal customer feels like a best kept secret – if they could only just get in front of the right people, they could close more business.

The people who attend our marketing workshops and use our marketing consulting services usually fit the following criteria. They are:  

  • Professional-services companies with 5-50 employees; often technical (we have LOTS of experience with software companies and their VARs, & ISVs, especially in the Microsoft Dynamics channel) but also work with doctors, dentists, lawyers, speakers, coaches, etc.
  • Outwardly successful, an expert at what they do, honest, well-respected
  • Motivated to market their business, wanting a consistent flow of business
  • Want to take better advantage of the internet
  • Willing to spend TIME and MONEY on marketing
  • Willing to do things differently.

Many companies hire us because we're a local Madison, WI marketing agency. Others hire us because we have so much experience marketing for Microsoft Dynamics partners.  We actually have clients all across the country - and even overseas as far away as Singapore. Don't let location be a barrier for getting started!   We host online meetings all the time. Even with our local clients, we'll often host online meetings just so we don't have to put our snow boots on. 

What We Do

Tornado Marketing helps you develop a systematic strategy. We focus your marketing dollars on those efforts that will bring highest return. And we make sure your messaging and overall marketing differentiates you from your competitors to consistently draw in your best prospects.

We are dedicated to helping small businesses and professional services companies achieve sales velocity through:

We often say that we're your "marketing general contractor." We design the plan, then find the best resources to execute the plan. Sometimes that's us. Sometimes that's people on your team. Sometimes it's a contractor. Often, it's a blend of all three!

The first step to engaging with us is to schedule a free 30-minute marketing assessment

Inbound Marketing Assessment