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Hubspot Inbound Marketing

Hubspot Inbound Marketing

Have you been a fan of Hubspot's content for years, but didn't quite "get it"?

Yep. Me too.

Why not just stick with Wordpress Websites, HootSuite, Google Analytics and the myriad of other tools that I've used for years to develop an effective inbound marketing strategy? Those tools work and still use them for clients. Why do something else?

Well...that "something else" aka Hubspot can really step up your game. Having an all-in-one system with metrics at your fingertips is like gamifying your social media marketing efforts. All of a sudden, marketing is FUN again! Plus, who doesn't like more leads and more sales?! No one I know hates money.

Hubspot Sales and Marketing Video


I'm not a Hubspot pusher. I'm a FAN!

I will continue to be an advocate for building marketing strategies that are right for your business. Like general contractors all over the world, have my favorite tools, but I also recognize that just because you have a cool new tool doesn't mean that it's right for every job. I offer and implement lots of different email marketing and marketing automation solutions. 

implemented Hubspot at Tornado Marketing because believe in being a living example of marketing best practices. Being committed to Hubspot as my own tool represents a full-board commitment to inbound marketing.

teach it.

believe in it.

And being in integrity means I walk the talk. 

Is Hubspot right for you?

That's not so easy to answer without a discussion, but some indicators that Hubspot might be a fit are:

  • You are committed to inbound marketing as a concept. (blogging, video, social media, etc.) 
  • You are passionate about teaching people what you know and how your company solves real problems.
  • You have a lot of interesting, relevant content to share (or could create it with a little help!)
  • You want more leads, and more sales
  • AND you want metrics so you know what's working - and what's not.

The first step to figuring out if Hubspot is a fit is figuring out where you are with your Inbound Marketing.

Schedule a free inbound marketing assessment today!

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Want a free 30-day trial of Hubspot? 

No problem! Just mention it in the comments when you schedule your marketing assessment