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Get More Website Leads

Give me 30 minutes. I'll give you straight advice. Most companies I talk to have a large market of under-served potential clients who would be very responsive to the marketing strategy we discuss. Let me do a marketing assessment to help. 

What will you get from the Marketing Assessment?

  • A personal one-on-one phone call with me, Adrianne Machina, a 20 year sales and marketing veteran

  • An understanding of how you stack up against the competition and ways you can improve your online presence 

  • The opportunity to ask questions about anything that's had you stuck or confused when it comes to marketing

What's my promise to you?

  • You will not get a sales pitch in diguise

  • You will not be pressured or pestered AT ALL

  • You will get at least a few good ideas you can implement right away - whether you choose to work with us or not. 

What's the catch?

No catch. If you find the stategy we discuss to be valuable, you might want to become a client and get help implementing a full-blown marketing plan. If not, no big deal.


Before we go any further, you need to know I have very limited time and a lot of people who want our help. I can only help people who fit the profile of an ideal client. 

Are you a fit? 

My ideal client is: 

  • A professional services type company, typically with 5-50 employees. Bonus points if you are a software consulting company, double bonus points if you work in the Microsoft Dynamics Channel.  However, we also work with doctors, lawyers, coaches, speakers, etc.

  • Good at what they do, well respected, honest, ethical

  • Enjoyable to work with, bonus points if you "get" Adrianne's sense of humor

  • Willing to do things differently (be coachable)

  • Willing to spend TIME and MONEY on marketing

  • Have a salesperson on staff who can CLOSE the leads we help you bring in

  • Bonus points if you have a junior marketing person we can train. Unlike some agencies that want a lifelong retainer, our favorite clients allow us to work ourselves out of a job! 


Fill out the form at right and I'll will start working on your competitive analysis. If for some reason, I don't think there's a fit, I'll let you know right away.  


Tell Us About Yourself

No sales pitch. Promise!