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Why Your Biggest Fans Aren't Seeing Your Facebook Posts

Every organization has an inner circle of friends, employees, partners, board members and clients who LOVE what you do and would be your biggest supporters on Facebook - if they ever saw your posts! 

But they don't! 

The reason your Facebook Fans don't see your posts - even after they've liked your page - is that Facebook filters what people see based on what they are most likely to respond to. So the less someone interacts with a page (or a friend), the less frequently they'll see those stories in their news feed. Plus, Facebook would really like business pages to pay for attention.

In this short video, I show you this little known, underutilized tip that will make sure your inner circle of supporters always see your Facebook posts.

(If you want to skip the explanation of WHY this is necessary and go straight to the HOW-TO, you can jump to 1:05 in the video.) 

Please share with your friends, employees, and board members so they never again miss one of your updates! 


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Topics: Social Media Marketing