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Tornado Tips: Marketing for Sales Velocity

10 Ways to Go From Invisible to Impactful

Does it feel hard to get your name out there? 

Not sure where to start?

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The NEW Tornado Marketing

This week I hit a major goal for myself, which was to completely revamp my website. For more than a year, since I left my business partnership and dusted off my old Tornado Marketing website, I've been deeply dissatisfied with how dated my website looked.

Here's what the old site looked like:

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Google Alerts: An Essential Part of Social Media Strategy

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Orange County Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs

Last week, Michael Banks of the Orange County Entrepreneurs Center invited me to participate in a professionally-done studio video shoot showcasing a variety of Orange County entrepreneurs in their various stages of business development. I spoke specifically about being a woman entrepreneur. I'll let you know when Michael posts his videos, but watch this video to hear my thoughts right after the shoot:

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Small Business Marketing Plans in 30 minutes!

Many of my clients have been in business for YEARS - some as many as 20 years - and before they hired me, they"ve never put together a marketing plan. I know why they didn"t have a marketing plan. Here"s what I"ve seen:

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