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Tornado Tips: Marketing for Sales Velocity

Tornado Marketing Selected As A Financial Advisor of the Year! ...huh?!

It sure doesn't seem likely, considering Tornado Marketing doesn't provide financial advice and relies on a bookkeeper to keep the accounts all straightened out....but let's set aside the issue of unsolicited (ahem, SPAM) email.

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Exchange Business Cards Through Text or Email

When you are out speaking at an event or doing face-to-fact networking, timely follow up is extremely important if you want to convert contacts into relationships. Leads grow colder by the minute.

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Google Alerts: An Essential Part of Social Media Strategy

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Green Marketing Tips

Everyone wants to protect the earth.  Marketing is an area where you have a lot of opportunity to save money and trees.

One of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to go green is to minimize your printed marketing collateral. Most companies can do-away-with or significantly reduce the amount of printed marketing materials they use. Most marketing documents have a short shelf life - many end up in the trash (or languishing in a storage closet) before they're even given to prospects and customers.

I cringe at the end of every event and tradeshow when I see people just dump all that marketing literature into the trashbin, instead of going through the hassle of lugging it back to the office.

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Small Business Marketing Plans in 30 minutes!

Many of my clients have been in business for YEARS - some as many as 20 years - and before they hired me, they"ve never put together a marketing plan. I know why they didn"t have a marketing plan. Here"s what I"ve seen:

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