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Tornado Tips: Marketing for Sales Velocity

Optical Illusions Create Memorable Marketing

Looking for a little creative inspiration to spice up your marketing efforts?

Topics: Branding Brilliance Just for Fun Marketing Strategy

Want to be a Channel Marketing Champion?

VARs, Systems Integrators, Solutions Providers, IT Consultants, and their Channel Partners should enjoy a good laugh watching this video.

Topics: Just for Fun Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

It’s Midnight Friday Night, and I’m Still Working.

It's been an exhausting, exciting, seemingly endless week, and I admit I have fallen behind. Please forgive me, my dear clients and precious prospects, I promise I will make it up to you. I'm not sure that you even noticed, but I did.

Topics: Just for Fun

Why is social media marketing so important to businesses?

I thought this YouTube video did a great job of showing the disconnect between advertisers and consumers - and how social media marketing can bridge the gap. Businesses large and small need to COMMUNICATE with their audience not just throw information at them, hoping something will stick. Enjoy!

Topics: Social Media Marketing Small Business Marketing Tips Just for Fun

Are you changing the right piece?

I was sitting and watching TV with my husband last night and one of the Volkswagen "autobahn for all" sales event commercials came on. We have a DVR so it is rare for us to watch the commercials, but I am actually entertained by the Volkswagen ones. They are clever, well put together and keep my attention. Unfortunately, my husband informed me (he works for VW) that they are going to be changing from their clever advertisements to a more 'industry standard'. That means good buy unique messaging and hello car specifications and boring statistics.

Topics: Branding Brilliance Just for Fun Marketing Strategy