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Tornado Tips: Marketing for Sales Velocity

Overused Stock Photos Are Killing Your Brand


Vince Vaughn and his costars caused a marketing sensation when they recently posed for a set of cheesy stock photos as a part of a brilliant promotion for his new movie, Unfinished Business. The photos are hilarious, and they show just how ridiculous stock photos can be sometimes. I’m sure you know the “call me I’m friendly” telemarketer. The “sampler of multi-ethnic, but not exactly culturally diverse” board room shot. And of course, who could forget the classic intent look into the camera?

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The NEW Tornado Marketing

This week I hit a major goal for myself, which was to completely revamp my website. For more than a year, since I left my business partnership and dusted off my old Tornado Marketing website, I've been deeply dissatisfied with how dated my website looked.

Here's what the old site looked like:

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10 Major Marketing Mistakes in the Astoria University Ad

When I ran across this stunning Astoria University advertisement in SkyMall magazine, I literally laughed out loud. I'm shocked at my own self-control for not poking my seatmate in the arm so that I could ramble for 20 minutes about all the things that are so very wrong with this ad. Instead, for the first time in thousands of travel miles, I put SkyMall in my bag so I could share my rant with you.

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Make Your Email Signature Count!

In our efforts to be lead generation marketing machines, sometimes we forget to do the most obvious little things -- like promote newsworthy information in our signature line. Here's a good example of making good use of your email signature in transactional (regular office communication) emails. Thank you Sarah Salzman from Interdyn Artis for being a good example of how to do it right. 


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B2B Holiday Marketing

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