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Tornado Tips: Marketing for Sales Velocity

Build Your Inbound Marketing Funnel

2016-inbound-marketing-funnelA couple of weeks ago, I was on a panel of online marketing experts for the Business Accelerator Program, hosted at DreamBank Madison. I shared the three things you need to do to build an online inbound marketing funnel for your business – and talked about what kinds of business need a marketing funnel.

Spencer Smith made a great point. One I totally agree with. Your job as a marketer is to pull people from places you don’t own - like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – to places you do own – your website and your email. That way if Facebook goes the way of MySpace, you still have all your content and your list of fans.

Watch this recorded webcast showcasing several leading online marketing experts:  ME! Adrianne Machina (online sales funnels), Spencer Smith (Periscope/blogging), Lauren Felix (Pinterest/Instagram) and Dean DeLisle (digital advertising and retargeting).

That is one packed hour! 

2016 Hottest Online Marketing Trends 



What online marketing trends are you seeing? What are you struggling to figure out? Would love your feedback. 


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