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Tornado Tips: Marketing for Sales Velocity

Are you feeling stuck?

We all have those moments, where we feel like no matter how hard we try, our goal doesn't feel like it's getting any closer. We are feeling stuck...and getting unstuck doesn't seem easy, or even possible! 

Over the weekend, I found this amazing Unstuck website site that promises to help you get unstuck - from nearly any situation. And there's even an app you can download! 

This post really stuck with me...

Why am I unable to "stick with it"? 

The "it" could be any goal you want to achieve in your life - writing a book, getting in shape, becoming more consistent in your marketing. I can see clearly that when I'm stuck, it's because I'm vacillating between being a Frazzled Achiever and a Daydream Achiever. 


My goal is to write a book in the tornado-marketing-book.jpgnext couple of years. I have it outlined and even a chapter or two written. The PROBLEM is that writing a book is not URGENT. In my mind it's a "nice to have," and with that mindset, it keeps getting de-prioritized for other, more immediate issues - like keeping clients and children happy!  I also haven't broken down my book writing into monthly or weekly goals. A goal without a plan is just a wish. 

The "I don't have time" lie

It's such a convenient excuse and it fits almost any situation you want to get out of.  I used to tell myself that about exercise. I'd love to workout....but I just can't possibly squeeze it into my CRAZY BUSY life. Uh-huh. Lame. And the irony is that I soon discovered that working out gives me more energy and I get more done because I work more efficiently.  

...and the same goes for marketing. When you're not marketing, getting sales is a HUGE challenge to overcome. It's hard. It's time-consuming. And it may take WAY LONGER to see results than you would like. 

I encourage you to head over to the Unstuck Community and get personalized advice to help you get moving towards your goals. If you are in a creative field, I also highly recommend the book "The War of Art: Winning the Creative Battle" by Steve Pressmen. The one takeaway that really sticks with me is how resistance / procrastination shows up as perfectionism. Really good stuff!

(BTW, I'm not an affiliate for the website or the book - just sharing.) 

Take Action Today!

Write it down. Remember that achieving your goals is all about creating good habits. What's one goal you have where you feel stuck? What could you do TODAY to take one step closer to having it be a reality? Who could you call for help? If you'd like feedback from others, post your goal and obstacles in the comments. 

 Start harnessing your power!


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