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Our Approach

Tornado Marketing is the communication conduit between your company and your target audience. You've already invested significant time and money to develop your products and services. Don't stop there! Remember – the "best" product doesn't always win. Marketing is often the differentiator of the market leaders.

Tornado Marketing is about building a marketing and sales process that consistently produces high-impact results. You are probably already familiar with the sales funnel, where the entire universe is narrowed into a small segment of qualified leads and buyers for your solution. Tornado Marketing is the process that gets that funnel spinning, creating hooks that pull prospects to the next level of the process.

Our 3-step Tornado Sales Funnel Approach is designed to make every marketing effort stronger and more effective. When you begin the process with the outcome in mind, and you follow the necessary steps, success is the logical result.

1. Find your path. If you are just getting started in a channel partner business or if your sales have gone flat (or worse), you may need to further refine who you are and what you do. Tornado Marketing will work with you to hone your unique selling proposition and find your target audience. Our goal is to make sure you win deals today while you build your business for tomorrow.

2. Create a Systematic Circulation Strategy. Once you know your focus, you need to build out plans to create maximum marketing for minimum dollars. It`s all about ROI. Your marketing message needs to circulate through to the same target audience multiple times to be heard, remembered, trusted, and called upon as a trusted advisor when they are ready to make a change that requires your services. But how do you do that with limited dollars? We'll show you the way.

3. Execute to Achieve Velocity. Strategy is important, but execution what gets you results! When you are ready to roll out your plans, Tornado Marketing can manage every step of the project.