NOT marketing is like NOT putting money in retirement. Sure, you have more money today, but where will you be tomorrow?

The truth is most businesses can’t afford NOT to market themselves. YES, marketing can be hard to measure. YES, marketing takes time and discipline to show results. But guess what? Just like saving for retirement, if you do it consistently, you won’t feel much of a pinch and the results can be fantastic.

If you’re the best out there, don’t you want people to know about you? Don’t you feel frustrated when your great prospect buys from a less-skilled competitor, just because they are more “known”?

¬†Marketing isn’t just about fancy, expensive brochures. It’s about creating awareness, establishing credibility and getting people to trust you with their business. Buying from you can be a career making or career breaking decision. Let Tornado Marketing show you the way to marketing for sales velocity!