Tomorrow is the biggest day of my son’s entire life. At least that’s what I felt when I was his age.

Do you remember it? You were nervous, anxious, feeling like your life was about to begin? You adjust your seat, check the mirrors, feel the sweat on your palms grip the leather of the steering wheel. When you nervously glance over at your driving test instructor, you just pray to yourself that you see every stop sign, and remember to look all the way over your left shoulder before taking a turn.

Then that moment comes.

You passed.

Your mom hands you the keys to her car. Up until that moment your entire life had been defined by being a passenger. Now you have control. Freedom. At last.

This is the moment where I wrap this post back to business, because the second greatest moment in your life is when you decide you are in control of your life. Whether you decide to run your own business or work for someone else, you own the fact that you are NOT a passenger in your life.

You are the driver.

SAVOR the freedom!

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Adrianne is the Chief Velocity Officer of Tornado Marketing, a Madison WI marketing consulting firm. Adrianne has spent over 20 years helping small businesses find their niche and systematically grow their businesses through effective marketing programs and persuasive messaging. Adrianne provides valuable insight into how to market complex solutions. Her clients appreciate her practical advice and business value-driven approach to marketing. With Adrianne on your team, you’ll differentiate from your competitors; consistently draw in your best prospects; and close more deals.